Wave Crasher

Wave Crasher

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波浪征服者-Wave Crasher,一款类似于Tiny wings的游戏,不过比Tiny Wings更有创意。游戏中的波浪是根据你设备内的音乐而变化的,而你要做的是帮助Ryder征服这些海浪收集更多的金币。
Wave Crasher内容摘要
★ Use your music and crash the waves! ★

Turn up your music, make some waves, and help Ryder navigate the ocean. Raise and lower the sea level to ride the waves and collect as many coins as you can. Don’t forget to aim for the stars so you multiply your score when you crash into them. Try to beat your high score and compare your achievements with your friends through Game Center or Twitter. Want a new challenge? Just pick a new song, generate a new level, and get into the action all over again. Every song has a unique footprint which is used to generate the level, the more songs you have, the more levels you can play. Time to get crashing!


“I knew it allowed the importing of personal music and involved “riding waves” of a sort…What I wasn’t expecting was to have so much fun… 4/5” -148apps.com

“The waves are great and the effects are just as stunning. 9/10” –App-Score.com

“…an addicting casual game that lasts as long as your favorite song. 4/5” –Apptudes.com


Discover new music on the weekly Song Spotlight. Check out Victoria, British Columbia’s own Sunhawk, our first featured artist – Play Wave Crasher with their single “Shotgun Love” for free!

Game Features
-Play with YOUR own iTunes music
-Simple “one touch” controls
-Retina Display high resolution graphics
-Universal App, full iPad support
-Preview before you buy the song in-game
-Game Center Achievements, compare scores
-Post your scores to Twitter
-Discover new music with the Song Spotlight


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Wave Crasher版本1.0.3中的新功能
-Enhanced Twitter functionality
Wave Crasher
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Wave Crasher
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