Spikey Learns

Spikey Learns

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Spikey Learns内容摘要
Kids simply love to play and learn as they progress through different levels of interactive games. Spikey is a lovely hedgehog trying to catch proper letters to build words. Spikey also plays with numbers, shapes, and colors. With Spikey kids will enjoy learning while playing.

Help Spikey catch correct objects and expand the following skills:

✶ Alphabet: Spikey will help your child learn the Alphabet, pronunciation and word formation
✶ Numbers: get to know all numbers from zero to nine
✶ Shapes: your child will learn to differentiate several of the widely used shapes, including square, rectangle, circle and diamond.
✶ Colors: Spikey will learn to catch all the colors of the rainbow
✶ Memory Pack (available as an In-App Purchase): this game mode trains your child's memory by showing words for just few seconds before hiding them.

This educational game does not limit your child in any way and there are no penalties. There is no time limit to force the child think faster than necessary.

Your child will evolve her or his very own style of play and pace, and enjoy the rewards the game offers.

Spikey Learns is going to be upgraded on a regular basis with additional skills, such as counting, addition, subtraction, and much much more. It is mainly targeted at children ages 1-5, but offers enough fun and excitement to older children as well. With the following upgrades, this range will expand as more challenges are added to the game.

Spikey Learns is designed by parents for our kids who were very tough on us :).

Enjoy with your child and Spikey!

★★★★★ "Spikey Learns tackles basic concepts and it does a nice job presenting these skills in a fun, entertaining way for children. I especially liked the bright colors and cute graphics." - theiPhoneMom.com ★★★★★
Spikey Learns版本2.1中的新功能
★ Fixed the issue on the new iPad.
★ Enabled the Restore action to restore previous purchases.

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Spikey Learns
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