Wonderful Days - Diary with Style


版本:1.4.0 | 48.0 MB


开发商: Tong Liu

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固件要求:与 iPhone、iPod touch、iPad 兼容。 需要 iOS 5.0 或更高版本 此 App 已针对 iPhone 5 进行优化。

  • 小编评语
    五一假期马上就要到了,美好的时光当然要记录下来。推荐大家一款精品日记应用Wonderful Days,小清新的图文日记相信大家会很喜欢的。内含多种多样的稿纸样式可自由选择,搭配自己喜欢的照片,轻松记录每天的心情。Wonderful Days原价¥18.00,首次限免,绝对值得拥有!
  • 内容摘要
    ★ Now optimized for iPhone 5 and iOS 6! ★
    ★ On sale now! Grab it before price goes up! ★
    ★ Featured as iPhone App of the Week (Jul-Aug 2011) ★

    Watch the intro video at http://bit.ly/wdfdaysintro

    Wonderful Days is an ideal app for diary, journal, and note-taking. It is polished with a lot of customization options, including themes, photo frames, fonts, and icons. You can effortlessly keep track of your wonderful moments everyday, and enjoy them in exciting ways.

    Insert photos, geo-tag your entries, add weather and mood icons, apply different themes... with Wonderful Days, your diary will never be the same!

    "I’m not much of diary keeper, but Wonderful Days makes me want to be." - TiPb

    "A beautiful and intuitive diary for your iPhone." - AppAdvice

    "It strikes a near perfect balance between functionality and features, all while staying beautiful..." - EasyJournaling

    ★ Features ★
    ✓ Help you keep a diary. You can write multiple entries in one day.
    ✓ Sync content seamlessly with Evernote across multiple devices.
    ✓ Insert photos anywhere in the text.
    ✓ Choose from over 20 lovely hand-crafted weather and mood icons.
    ✓ Geo-tag your entries and browse them on the map.
    ✓ Decorate your entries with a collection of beautiful themes with diverse styles.
    ✓ Add various kinds of frames to your photos.
    ✓ 12 fonts to choose from, including 4 custom fonts that are not in the OS.
    ✓ Make your diary unique and stylish with different combinations of themes, frames, and fonts.
    ✓ Three modes of viewing entries: List, Preview, and Photo.
    ✓ Calendars for selecting dates and browsing entries.
    ✓ Easily email your entries, export them as PDFs, or print them out with AirPrint.
    ✓ Rate entries from zero to five stars.
    ✓ Search entries by keywords
    ✓ Passcode protection
    ✓ Portrait and landscape support
    ✓ ... and many intriguing details for you to discover!

    ★ FAQ ★
    - How do I delete an attached picture?
    To delete a picture, simply tap-hold on it, and a menu will appear. Sorry we didn't make it very clear in the in-app help. This will be improved in the next update!


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  • 版本中的新功能
    This update is recommended for users who want to sync their diary with Yinxiang Biji service.

    - Add support for Yinxiang Biji (Evernote China) users.
    - Bug fixes.


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