Age of Pinballs

Age of Pinballs

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Age of Pinballs内容摘要
Pinball era of 80's has been ended with 7 different pinball tables (Theme Park, Angry River, Spaceman, Caveman, Wizard, Zombie Invasion and Cleopatra).

A new pinball era is coming with newer pinball tables from 90's. This new era brings a new name, AGE OF PINBALLS and such features as ramps, combos, holes and multipliers for example.


Theme Park, Angry River, Spaceman, Caveman, Wizard, Zombie Invasion, Cleopatra, Casino, Tank Attack, Boxing Club, City Golf, Gladiators and Speed King


Vampire, Wild Games, Samurai (from 'Real Pinball' series)

The Mummy, Aliens, Hippie (from 'Art of Pinball' series)


Overall, this is just as awesome as the developer’s previous release, Ball Towers HD, but it is much easier to play. It is pinball at its finest. The graphics are stunning and the action is highly responsive. There are five different types of games, so if you are a fan of pinball, this app will leave you drooling for more.



- Various camera views (from 4 to 8)

- Realistic physics and ball movement

- Highly detailed 3D graphics with 60 fps

- Realistic special effects (glass, reflection, light and shadow)

- 2 challenging game modes (Classic Pinball and Hardcore Pinball)

- Retina Display support on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, The new iPad and iPad with retina display

- 100 compatibility with iOS 6

- Various in-apps


FLIPPER PACK - 4 different flippers

BALL PACK - 8 different balls

BLOCKING GATE - closes gates at both outlanes

RETRO SFX - changes sound effects to old style

USED TABLE - makes pinball table used looking

(these in-apps are effected to Theme Park, Angry River, Spaceman, Caveman, Wizard, Zombie Invasion and Cleopatra tables)

5 BALLS - gives 2 extra balls

DRAIN BLOCKER - gives a metal pin that prevents to lost a ball between 2 flippers

(these in-apps are effected to Casino, Tank Attack, Boxing Club, City Golf and Gladiators table)

BONUS AIDS - gives REWIND and SLOW MOTION effects for all the tables

ALL IN ONE - buys all the in-apps for all the tables

REAL PINBALL PACK - includes 3 pinball tables of Real Pinball series

ART OF PINBALL PACK - includes 3 pinball tables of Art of Pinball series


Launch a ball - tap the screen anywhere

Activate left and right flipper - tap left and right side of the screen

Change camera view - tap the camera icon at left upper corner of the screen

Push the table - shake your device up, left and right


If you found any bug or issue please look for us on our Facebook page at! Thank you!
Age of Pinballs版本2.6中的新功能
- ADDED a free pinball table, SPEED KING of 'Art of Pinball' series
- ADDED a new in-app, 'Art of Pinball Pack' that includes 3 pinball tables (The Mummy, Aliens and Hippie)
- updated physics engine
- additional optimization for smoother gameplay
- fixed major bugs on different pinball tables
Age of Pinballs
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Age of Pinballs
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