Deadlock: Online

Deadlock: Online

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一款多人在线射击游戏,采用双摇杆控制,支持8名玩家同时在线死亡竞赛。支持Game Center。而且还有武器附件:可以增加武器的威力和精准度,还有装甲可以改变你的状态。
Deadlock: Online内容摘要
From Crescent Moon, makers of the hit titles Aralon: Sword and Shadow and Gears,
comes a new breed of Multiplayer game.

Step into the world of DEADLOCK, the most Epic 3d online
dualstick shooter on the App Store!

Join in on the action and play against thousands of other
players in online matches. Compete in daily and weekly
tournaments to win unlock points. Over 30 different
weapons, armor, and attachments - including different pistols, rifles, machine
guns, grenades, scopes,and flashbangs!

Practice your shooting skills before entering in online matches by playing Survival Mode and Bot Matches offline!

System Requirements: Game Center, iOS 4.1 or higher,
iPhone 3GS and up, iPad 1 or iPad 2


- Gorgeous 3d Graphics
- Up to 8 player online multiplayer action.
- Over 30 weapons including assault rifles, sub machine guns, grenades and more.
- Robust loadout system including multiple weapon attachments, and armor.
- 3 Gameplay modes at launch including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture & Hold
- 30 ranks to earn with rewards for each rank you earn.
- Asynchronous Online Tournaments – automatically be entered into new tournaments running
every day and every week to win unlock points which can be used to unlock new weapons and items.
- Gamecenter integration for tournaments and achievements, character stat tracking.
- Character synchronization between multiple devices (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)
- 7 Maps

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Deadlock: Online版本1.40中的新功能
Updated for iPad Retina display.
Misc bug fixes.
Deadlock: Online
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Deadlock: Online
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  • 零时34
    零时342012/07/21 23:44:25 举报
    我发现每次见到某人,这游戏即使是好玩也会变得不好玩了= =!
    • 半角温柔丶
      半角温柔丶2013/02/01 09:39:20
    • imsbbb
      imsbbb2012/08/27 22:58:42
      谁呀? 摁摁摁饿饿呢?
  • 土木风狼
    土木风狼2016/02/05 18:08:53 举报
    • 火柴仁
      火柴仁2014/02/07 12:54:45 举报
      • oo=宝宝
        oo=宝宝2014/01/17 16:19:16 举报
        • oo=宝宝
          oo=宝宝2014/01/17 16:18:17 举报
          为什么我没有code 你们是怎么有的啊
          • yana8227
            yana82272013/12/29 08:10:09 举报
            输入code可以获得两个unlock points, code: 52B8BA3423336
            • yana8227
              yana82272013/12/24 15:10:19 举报
              试试我的code: 52B8BA3423336 得两个unlock points 买武器
              • 尼玛坑爹22
                尼玛坑爹222013/08/29 21:32:47 举报
                • VIP。。。。
                  VIP。。。。2013/07/26 13:41:12 举报
                  怎么联网啊 ???
                  • YHLMJ
                    YHLMJ2013/07/23 22:11:21 举报
                    • flyslow
                      flyslow2013/07/18 21:46:59 举报
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