Cargo Bridge

Cargo Bridge

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桥梁大师-Cargo Bridge,一款益智教育类游戏,游戏中玩家需要扮演一名桥梁工程师,设计并且架设能让人安全跨越山谷的桥梁,使游戏中的搬运工人可以顺利的完成他们的搬运任务。如果桥梁架设的有问题,他们可是会坠下悬崖的……
Cargo Bridge内容摘要
The most popular game Cargo Bridge from Limex Games becomes available to millions of our fans on the iPad in 2011. In Cargo Bridge your goal is to build bridges within each one of 24 levels, that allows your little workers to move heavy cargo (which include crates, safes, and even elephants) from one side of a valley to the other.

With every level, the difficulty increases. You have to build bridges across larger gaps, up and down inclines, and around obstacles in your path. You are also given access to new building materials. If you want to have a break from game levels, just enter the Challenge mode. Use money collected in game levels to build the longest bridge you can.

• Building and simulation modes
• Twenty four levels of complexity
• Egyptian and Greek themes
• Amazing physics engine
• Step by step help system
• Simplified navigation, built for iPad
• Addictive gameplay
• Challenge mode as a bonus

Use your creativity and skill to build bridges simply by drawing with your finger on the touch screen. Ready? Install and enjoy!

Published and distributed by Software Planet LLP with permission of Limex Games.

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Cargo Bridge版本1.5中的新功能
• Performance improvements
• Multiple defect fixes
• New CargoBridge 2 game link
Cargo Bridge
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