iStunt 2 - Insane Hills

iStunt 2 - Insane Hills

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特技滑雪2-iStunt 2 - Insane Hills,一款2D滑板特技游戏,游戏虽然不大但制作依然非常精良,不但画面方面很给力,关卡切换环节的动态效果也让人感到非常有意思。游戏采用重力感应触控结合的控制方式,并且提供了详细的教学,随着游戏的进行,难度会越来越大,各种难以想象的操作层出不穷,想完成游戏,着实需要一些技巧!充分发挥自己的想象来玩出绚丽的特技吧,喜欢的朋友不要错过。
iStunt 2 - Insane Hills内容摘要
AppStore Game of The Week!

Get ready to hit the slopes in the most extreme snowboarding game on the App Store!

Escape deadly buzz saws, keep you balance through gravity shifts and speed boosts, grind your way to victory in this fast paced and insanely addictive snowboarding game!


"The sense of being just enough in control is cool, and adds to the overall thrill ride element of iStunt 2." - IGN

"Pulling off a twisting move, a couple of grabs, and tilting just right, and just in time, for a perfect landing is what makes iStunt 2 a blast." - PocketGamer

"iStunt 2 is full of clever and surprising levels that remain exhilerating all the way through. iStunt 2 is a stunner." - SlideToPlay


★ Stunning retina graphics!
★ Fast paced gaming with perfectly balanced tilt controls!
★ 88 insane levels + more levels added regularly to keep all your extreme snowboarding needs satisfied!
★ In-game store with cool unique items!
★ Game Center integration and leaderboards - show you're friends who's the stunt king in these deadly slopes!

If you're tired of just tapping games away embrace the full iOS gaming experience. Tilt, tap and slide your way to victory!

Try also the free web version of iStunt 2 on our website:
iStunt 2 - Insane Hills版本1.3.3中的新功能
Thank you for making iStunt 2 - Insane Hills a success all around the world - your continued support will help us bring you new content often. And here it is, another iStunt 2 - Insane Hills update, featuring:

★ iPhone 5 support.
★ More ways to get free coins!

Thanks everyone for supporting iStunt 2 - Insane Hills!

The Miniclip Team
iStunt 2 - Insane Hills
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iStunt 2 - Insane Hills
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