Great Little War Game HD


版本:1.5.4 | 38.60MB


开发商: Rubicon Mobile

分享者:天气大小姐 我要上传? 我要举报

固件要求:需要 iOS 3.2 或更高版本。与 iPhone 3GS、iPhone 4、iPhone 4s、iPhone 5、iPhone 5c、iPhone 5s、iPhone 6、iPhone 6 Plus、iPhone 6s、iPhone 6s Plus、iPhone SE、iPad、iPod touch(第 3 代)、iPod touch(第 4 代)、iPod touch(第 5 代) 和 iPod touch(第 6 代) 兼容。

  • 小编评语
    这是一款 3D 风格的回合制战棋游戏,玩家可以在游戏中体验到横跨海陆空三个不同区域之间的激烈战斗。游戏中将会涉及到很多战场战略的安排、兵种相克、战场地形高低差及战斗单位生产等等内容。玩家需要认真的思考如何排兵布阵及进行各种战术运用,才能赢得最后的胜利。
  • 内容摘要
    GLWG is the hit 3D turn-based strategy game that everyone''''s talking about. With a unique comical style and plenty of laughs and excitement, you''''ll keep coming back again and again for "just one more go."

    Core Features:
    ▶ Campaign mode
    ▶ Multiplayer mode
    ▶ Skirmish mode
    ▶ GameCenter achievements
    ▶ Four difficulty settings
    ▶ Lush visuals, esp. on iPad 2
    ▶ Full 3D terrain affects gameplay
    ▶ Simple control method
    ▶ Lots of units
    ▶ Lots of terrain types
    ▶ High replayability
    ▶ Extra campaigns via cheap iap
    ▶ Tons of humour
    ▶ Absolutely no birds or zombies

    Take command of your army and battle the foe on land, sea and air but be sure to make wise decisions as you go. You want to deploy your soldiers to take full advantage of the higher terrain, natural choke points, ambush spots and defensive walls. Get it right and the bad guys will lose to your superior strategy skills.

    See what the critics are saying:

    ▶ TapScape review: 10/10

    "Great Little War Game is just that: a well-designed and enjoyable tactical war game perfect for those who enjoy the lighter side of virtual warfare."

    ▶ Touch Arcade review: 5/5

    "I''''ll call Great Little War Game "great" without hesitation" ... "the kind of game you can really sink your teeth into, which is rare enough. So I''''m delighted to discover that it''''s also rich in features, good looking and full of humor."

    ▶ Top10.com: First place (march)

    "The lavish production values of the game, incredible attention to detail and excellent animation gives you a sense of aerial, naval and land warfare that gets as good as you can expect on a small screen"

    ▶ Infinipixel review: 9.5/10

    "Between the improved AI and wonderful new modes, I''''m going to have to give GLWG a solid 10 in this category. It features the best gameplay I''''ve found in any mobile turn based strategy game I''''ve played to date."

    Varied missions are the order of the day here - capture the enemy HQ, escort the Generalissimo to safety, guide small squads behind enemy lines, defend your base...you get the picture. There are 20 missions included, so it''''s going to be one crazy ride if you decide you’re brave enough to give them a try.

    What are waiting for? Right now, as you sit reading this, there is a battalion of soldiers just waiting for your command. Download Great Little War Game now and take your place alongside your troops. Lead well, live long and have fun.


  • 版本中的新功能
    * Fix for a crash occurring when language on device is set to French.


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