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Absolute Instant

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Absolute Instant内容摘要
A.i. is FREE for a limited time!

*** Featured in App Store’s “New and Noteworthy” and “What’s Hot” sections! ***

“A shooter designed for the iPhone from the ground up? Yes, please!” - 148Apps.com

“I’ve never played a game like this before with teleportation—and I love it! The controls are extremely easy to use, yet the game is still very challenging. This game is worth the $1.99” – AppAdvice.com

“…if you’re looking for an action packed, futuristic, battle style game, Absolute Instant is a great pick!!” – AppDictions.com

“Designed specifically for iOS and with touchscreen controls in mind…Fans of arcade-style shooters will want to give this a shot…” - Appolicious.com

“Fans of bright explosions and shiny ships will love this one, and the teleportation brings a little something new to the genre.” – 148Apps.com

"…Absolute Instant by Mobili Studio goes one step further - now you can teleport." - AppSpy.com

"Absolute Instant is a great example of designing from the ground-up for an iPhone. By integrating the touch screen for teleportation and using the shake feature to drop a bomb, the developers have managed to completely remove control interface elements from the game. This allows them to use the full screen to show off the stunning visuals." - FreshApps.com

"If you tap anywhere on the screen, your fighter will teleport there...This dynamic definitely makes this game stand out from its brothers and sisters, and it’s a lot of fun." - Appolicious.com

"Absolute Instant is an epic shooter that combines flying jets and apocalyptic creatures with a twist of teleporting yourself out of danger. Yes, teleporting. This app is an excellent addition to the iOS gaming platform for those who enjoy a good story, great action and even better weapons." - AppCraver.com

*This game will only run on iPhone4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3rd Generation and up, and iPad devices. iPhone 3G, 1st Gen iPod touch, 2nd Gen iPod touch are not compatible.

*Since this application uses a significant amount of memory, it is possible that it will lag when the device memory is low.

Mobili Studio presents a new breed of shooting game designed base on iPhone’s unparalleled controls.

DRAG the circular region to move the fighting jets.
TAP anywhere to teleport out of enemies’ attacks.
SHAKE to drop a black hole bomb that sucks in all enemies’ bullets, even the smaller enemies!

•Unique teleporting gameplay (only possible on touchscreen!)
•3 difficulty levels
•3 characters with different attacks
•6 stages with bullet hell bosses
•Over 30 different enemy types
•Various magical attacks from special enemies and bosses
•Compatible with Game Center & OpenFeint
•Built-in tutorial
•Awesome HD graphics
•Fast paced and adrenaline rushed music

Enter the war zone and conquer the Celestians using the breakthrough technology Terrestrians discovered – Absolute Instant (A.i.)! With this newfound power, the oppressed gained the ability to TELEPORT in the sky, and swore to end the centuries long battle…

*To unlock the secret character, beat the game with both Liz and Judas!
*To unlock the secret stage, beat the final stage Eden!
Absolute Instant版本1.2.3中的新功能
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Absolute Instant
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Absolute Instant
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