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Mouse Trapz

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老鼠陷阱-Mouse Trapz,一个独特的益智游戏,不仅挑战你的拇指和耐心,还极度挑战你的大脑!你要做的就是在每个关卡,利用你所拥有的动物,形成一个反应链,把老鼠赶到圈套里去。游戏时候你要记着一条简单的规则:老鼠怕猫,猫害怕狗,狗害怕猴子,猴子害怕男人,男人害怕老鼠。
Mouse Trapz内容摘要

Ready for a unique puzzle game that actually challenges your brain, and not just your thumbs? Get your thinking cap on, and get Mouse Trapz now!

Just remember these simple rules: Mice are scared of Cats, Cats are scared of Dogs, Dogs are scared of Monkeys, Monkeys are scared of Men, Men are scared of Mice.

• Hundreds of unique levels
• Create and share your own levels
• Play thousands of user created puzzles!
• 26 Challenging GameCenter achievements
• Gradual difficulty curve
• Collect Hint Tokens to help on challenging levels

Use your inventory of animals on each level to create a chain-reaction of scared animals, chasing the mice into the trapz. Collect Hint Tokens throughout the game to use when you get stumped. Design, play, and share your own puzzles with the Create-A-Level level editor. Download, play and rate levels from users around the world!

Thanks for playing and the great ratings! MouseTrapz was developed by one guy in his spare time. Help support indie game development!
Mouse Trapz版本1.9.0中的新功能
• Bug fixes!
• Create-a-level is working again
• Updated to 64-bit and iOS 8
Mouse Trapz
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Mouse Trapz
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