Legendary Wars


版本:2.3 | 225 MB


开发商: Liv Games

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固件要求:需要 iOS 5.0 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad、iPod touch 兼容。 此 App 已针对 iPhone 5 进行优化。

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    Checkout Stellar Wars! The futuristic successor to the legendary Wars series!

    Welcome to Legendary Wars. Take command of your heroes. Build up massive armies to destroy the undead forces of the Netherworld! It's time to fight back!

    *Runner-up Winner: Best App Ever Award for top Strategy Game of 2011.
    *Winner of top Game app for MacWorld's Top 25 Apps of all time!

    "There's an amazing amount of gameplay packed into this iPhone game. Liv Games may have finally toppled Plants Vs. Zombies as my go-to form of mobile entertainment".

    "There's so much variety and so many things to work towards that I've been having an absolutely fantastic time playing through it".
    -Touch Arcade

    "Legendary Wars is a must have title. 4/4"
    -Slide to Play

    "It delivers a unique and enjoyable gaming experience that few other games match." 9/10

    "Legendary Wars is an absolutely gigantic castle/lane defense title, with deep RPG elements. The quest is huge and varied, so fans of light strategy should grab Liv Games' modern classic."

    Legendary Wars 2.0 Features:

    -Huge world to Explore
    Campaign mode features 6 lands and over 70 levels each with unique gameplay and secret unlockable modes.

    -Unique Gameplay: Action-RTS-RPG
    Take direct control of any hero on the battlefield and unleash their special attacks! Command huge armies and destroy the monster horde. Features a variety of gameplay styles including; castle defense, castle siege, ambush, side-scrolling, free build, and Hero control.

    -Gorgeous Retina graphics and animation
    8 beautifully detailed environment with eye-popping parallax scrolling, and a whole cast of charming characters in a visually stunning experience.

    -ZOMG Monsters!
    Battle Skullys, Zombies, Wolfys, Vamps, Trolls, Gargoyles and Dragons designed with AI to hunt you down. Each monster is also equipped with their own unique special attacks that will keep you challenged until the last epic battle.

    -New gear and attacks
    Upgrade your heroes through the game to unlock powerful new attacks and 5 Tiers of Legendary Armor per character.

    -Epic Soundtrack
    Beautiful orchestrated soundtrack written exclusively for Legendary Wars. This is what games need to sound like.

    & the fun is not over yet!
    Unlock more than 15 modes including Arena and Action Challenges in multiple difficulties that will allow you to put your upgraded heroes and skil to the test.

    Legendary Wars contains optional In App Purchases. It was designed to play without IAPs. To disable IAPs, turn them off in settings - restrictions on your device.

    Min Requirements: iphone 3GS, ipod touch 3

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  • 版本中的新功能
    IGrab Stellar Wars out now!

    Big iOS7 Update! - Now Universal on all iOS devices!
    -Improved control - waypoint system.
    -New Stellar Wars style target lock and lane arrow art and functionality.
    -Awesome speed 2X button!
    -Miner starts in the mine.
    -Fixed crashes on newer devices during start ios 7.0.
    -Fixed Hero Campaign button ios 7.0.
    -Rogue and Centaur unlocked earlier in campaign.
    -Reworked IAP with more rewards & Gem Doubler.
    -New ios7 icon.
    -various other tweaks and improvements and balancing!

    Please don't forget to update your reviews if you enjoy playing Legendary Wars!


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