BloodyXmas 2010

BloodyXmas 2010

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BloodyXmas 2010内容摘要
BloodyXmas is a superb survival game for your iPhone and iPod Touch! Here comes the funniest, funnest Christmas ever!

This festive season, in such a joyous family time, even the kindest grandpa in the world has to start his chainsaw!
Creatures are rushing into Santa's workshop and they want to steal and destroy all the presents!
What can poor Santa do? How can he stop these evil minions?

Yeah, guess what - he kicks their asses and teaches them a lesson!

Here comes the funniest, funnest Christmas ever!
Check out Santa's arsenal: cleaver, saber, sledgehammer, chainsaw, and one massive secret super weapon.
No one's gonna steal the children's presents! Come and get some!
HO HO HO! Happy Holidays! Santa Slays!

Game Features:
✔ Five powerful weapons
✔ Unique enemies
✔ 24 Stages, one for each day leading up to December 25th
✔ Original MADFINGER's gory gameplay
✔ Intense hack and slash gameplay
✔ Beautiful, stylized cell-shaded graphics
✔ Support Retina display
✔ Support Game Center
✔ Amazing Soundtrack (perfect for Christmas dinner)

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BloodyXmas 2010
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BloodyXmas 2010
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