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Power Snooker

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强力斯诺克-Power Snooker,斯诺克台球的一种最新的分支,由伦敦的罗德·冈纳发明。与传统的斯诺克台球相比,强力斯诺克具有更加灵活的规则和更快的节奏,比较适合年轻人。
Power Snooker内容摘要
Now updated for the new 2011/2012 season!

Don't forget Power Snooker is on TV today and tomorrow (19th.20th) look out for us!

Already being hailed as snooker's answer to Twenty20 cricket, Power Snooker
is the brand new innovative game which is set to revolutionise the world of
snooker, bringing a fresh, exciting new concept and a whole new audience to
the sport.

In Power Snooker points count, frames don't - the player scoring the most
points in a 30 minute match wins.

Only 9 red balls on the table the centre ball being the Power Ball, sink
this and for 2 minutes points count double, the PowerPlay.

A PowerZone, also delivers double points for any shot played from behind the
baulk line giving the opportunity for quadruple points when combined with a

A shot timer of 20 seconds limits the player's time to take a shot, run past
this and face a 20 point penalty, forcing very fast play and at times costly mistakes.

The iPhone and iPad game faithfully features all of the rules of Power
Snooker and is built from BHG's highly rated International Snooker engine
guaranteeing a realistic, dynamic and entertaining game. Additionally
featuring world wide high scores and achievements using the OpenFeint

The game play and rules as depicted in this game are the Property of Power
Snooker limited.
© Power Snooker 2010 any unauthorised use is expressly forbidden and an
infringement of copyright
Power Snooker版本1.2中的新功能
Update for this year's exciting new Tournament. Featuring new high scores competition mode.
Power Snooker
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Power Snooker
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