Holographium — The 3D Light Painting Machine

Holographium — The 3D Light Painting Machine

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Holographium — The 3D Light Painting Machine内容摘要
Watch the video: http://video.holographium.com

Holographium is an amazingly cool 3D light painting machine for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It magically transforms text or images into thousands of luminous 3D cross section scans. On a long exposure photograph, these scans appear like a hologram floating in space!

★★★★★ 3D Light Painting? ★★★★★

Light painting is a fun photographic technique also known as light drawing, light writing or light graffiti. You take a long-exposure photograph in a night-time setting while moving a light source to paint something into your picture.

When you take a long exposure photograph, the shutter of your camera opens for a long time.

Holographium adds another dimension to your light paintings. Your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad acts as the light source. A really sophisticated one!

✓ Beautiful 3D light painting guide included.

★★★★★ You need a Digital Camera ★★★★★

In addition to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you need a digital camera which is capable of taking long exposure photographs of at least 3 seconds. Make sure you can take a photograph where the shutter of your camera is open for at least 3 seconds!

★★★★★ More Info ★★★★★

See some cool and beautiful pictures made with Holographium: http://holographium.com

Watch the video: http://video.holographium.com

★★★★★ Features ★★★★★

✓ Choose between Text Mode / Graphics Mode.

Graphics Mode:

✓ Extrude any graphics you like: Logos, icons and even photographs! Holographium reads many file formats: PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF and others.

✓ Import from Photo Albums, Camera Roll, Camera or iTunes File Sharing.

✓ No limits: Import as many images as you want!

✓ Awesome graphics included to start quickly.

Text Mode:

✓ Type in any text you like, using the standard keyboard.

✓ Renders almost any UTF-8 symbol! Simply copy them from any source you like (i.e. Safari app) and paste them into the text field.

✓ Select one of 9 carefully chosen, beautiful colors.

The most advanced Taptanium User Interface:

✓ Polished high-quality audiovisual user interface.

✓ Simulated animatronics driven by artificial intelligence. The most advanced and most complex interface transformations I've ever seen on an iOS device. One full year of research and development. Yes, you can show off with this!

✓ Realtime physically-based mechanical sounds, mechatronic sounds and robotic feedback sounds: Not just cool to look at!

✓ Simple and fun to use.

✓ Looks, feels, sounds and works great on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

High-Performance 3D Light Painting Engine:

✓ Hardware-accelerated high-performance rendering.

✓ Dynamic quality control: No matter how big your graphics are — Holographium will make sure it can extrude them within the time span you want. Even if the screen of your device can't show more than 60 frames per second. Holographium can.

3D Light Painting Settings:

✓ Set a countdown between 0 and 30 seconds in 1-second steps.

✓ Set the duration between 3 and 30 seconds in 0.5-second steps.

✓ Set the depth (thickness) of your 3D light paintings.

And Many More Features:

✓ Approximated 3D extrusion preview.

✓ Calculates the extrusion distance in inch or cm.

✓ One-second interval sounds and 50%-done sounds (optional).

✓ Adjust the screen brightness in Holographium (iOS 5+).

★★★★★ Instructions & Help included ★★★★★

✓ Cool 3D-animated demo video included.

✓ Beautiful step-by-step guide included.

✓ Many tips included!

✓ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) included.

✓ Displays contextual information.

✓ Contact Support feature included.

✓ Smart & beautiful annotations introduce the interface.

★★★★★ International ★★★★★

✓ English, Deutsch

★★★★★ One More Thing ★★★★★

✓ Show-off ready!
Holographium — The 3D Light Painting Machine版本2.0.2中的新功能
- Bugfixes
- Sound enhancements
- Screen brightness slider (available only in iOS 5 or later!)
Holographium — The 3D Light Painting Machine
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Holographium — The 3D Light Painting Machine
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