Damian Filigree: the Book of Thoth

Damian Filigree: the Book of Thoth

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一款以埃及金字塔大冒险为背景的匹配消除游戏,玩法非常独特,在App Store中可谓是独一无二。玩家通过180度水平旋转的移动方式来将图案相同的石板消除。
Damian Filigree: the Book of Thoth内容摘要
Damian Filigree is an exciting puzzle adventure game for the iPhone/iPod. Combine hieroglyphs with the same symbol by swapping the right stones. Gather items and powerups to avoid traps, and escape the mummy before it catches you!

You are Damian Filigree, a grave robber and fortune seeker on an expedition to steal the legendary Book of Thoth.

Archeologists recently uncovered the burial ground of the Egyptian deity Thoth in the City of the Dead. The Book of Thoth, a priceless tome that is said to grant its reader arcane powers, rests deep in the chambers of the newly discovered pyramid.

Explore the vast corridors leading up to the master chamber. Your journey is long and dangerous, filled with traps. Can you obtain this legendary artifact? Play the adventures of Damian Filigree in his perilous quest for the Book of Thoth.

Game Features:
* Addictive puzzle adventure
* Classic adventure game graphics
* Achievements and Leaderboards
* OpenFeint and GameCenter support
* Detached control

theportablegamer.com: "With so many good games in this genre, finding one that really stands out is like finding a four-leaf clover in a field green. Yet, when you do stumble upon that gem, it really shines of awesomeness. Damian Filigree happens to be that four-leaf clover in the field."

How To Play:
You basically have to match three of the same symbols. To do this, you can tap any one of the stones. All stones up till the one you tapped will swap. For example:
If you tap on stone 4, 4 becomes 1, 3 becomes 2, 2 becomes 3, and 1 becomes 1

Every time you manage to match up three or more, the stones will break, and Damian will get the next stones from the wall. By clearing the walls you can lead Damian through the corridors in the bottom of the screen.

Traps, Chains and Items:
If you make multiple combinations, you will receive CHAIN bonuses. With these chains, you will automatically receive an item, which can be used to survive traps.

If you fail to survive a trap, you will lose one heart, and eventually die.
Some traps contain treasures which give you power-ups you can use. This becomes handy later in the game, to revive your health, or dispel the mummy.

Have fun!
Damian Filigree: the Book of Thoth版本1.0.2中的新功能
* Added hints in first level to get you started
* It is now possible to drag the stones
* Fixed tutorial crash
* First-time launch will always show tutorial after starting
* OpenFeint 2.7.5
Damian Filigree: the Book of Thoth
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Damian Filigree: the Book of Thoth
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