Sentinel 3: Homeworld

Sentinel 3: Homeworld

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Sentinel 3: Homeworld内容摘要
The biggest instalment of the highly acclaimed Sentinel sci-fi tower defense series!

* Metacritic Metascore: 87!
* WINNER: Best App Ever Awards 2010 Best iPad Strategy Game!
* GOLD AWARD Winner: PocketGamer!

* 2nd Place: Best App Ever Awards 2010 Best iPhone Strategy Game!
* Pocket Gamer's Top 10 iPhone games 2010!
* iPhone Quality Index Top 10 iPhone games 2010!
* Know Your Mobile's Top 10 smartphone games 2010!

***** Look out for SENTINEL 4: DARK STAR, coming early 2013! *****

Take the fight to the alien homeworld and unleash a massive arsenal of weaponry!


* UNIVERSAL build - play on ALL iPhones, iPod Touches & iPads!

* A challenging campaign featuring 20 levels across 14 distinctive & demanding maps!

* A powerful commander mech which can level up and gain new abilities as you play!

* Over 20 unlockable turrets, orbital ship weapons, automated drones and abilities at your disposal!

* IAP offers a new 15 level campaign, new commander, new weapons, new enemies and more!

* Customize your weapon loadout in the Armory to match the demands of the mission!

* Stunning graphics & fx - with full high-resolution Retina Display support!

* Endless modes for all maps with online highscores.

* Classic mode allows you to compete for scores in a pure skill-based game mode.

* Game Center integrated for achievements & score leaderboards!

* Exclusive music by the creators of the Sentinel 2 music - Specimen A.

* Completely reworked and revamped game engine.

Good luck, Commander!

"A game of immense quality, Sentinel 3: Homeworld represents the best of the tower defence genre with both depth and immediate action."

Featured in PocketGamer's Top 10 iPhone Games Of 2010!
"The Tower Defense Game that all TD games will now be measured by."


** Look out for SENTINEL 4: DARK STAR, coming early 2013! **
Sentinel 3: Homeworld版本2.0.1中的新功能
- Fix for retina iPads, the size of the display is now back to normal.

- Wishing all our fans Happy Holidays and the very best for the New Year! Look out for Sentinel 4: Dark Star coming 2013!
Sentinel 3: Homeworld
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Sentinel 3: Homeworld
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    这哨兵算个鸟,KR完爆它。不够精彩 不够精彩 不够精彩
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