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Pixel Fighters

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像素战役 Pixel Fighters,是一款像素风格的RPG游戏,游戏最大的亮点在于可以让用户自建战场,支持摄像头拍照哦!非常新颖。游戏提供9种独特的英雄,操作简单,支持本地蓝牙对战,或者在GameCenter上与网络上的朋友随机对战。
Pixel Fighters内容摘要
Pixel Fighters is a Score Oriented Strategy RPG for iOS devices with on-the-go mobile play in mind. It is intended to take influence from many classic RPG games of the past while being appropriately short for iPhone and similar to the length and style of an Arcade Fighting Game.

VS. Modes allow you to play Locally or Online through Game center with a friend or auto-match. Use your own picture as a battleground with your camera or library picture!

In Pixel Fighters Single Player, you are adventuring to save the Pixelverse. Use pixels gained to increase your power or save them for good. Your fate will be your own choice.

NOTE: For iOS 4.1 and later on any device iPod 2nd Gen or better

- 9 Unique Combatants to choose from
- Easy to pick up and put down gameplay
- Every adventure finishes with a score. Challenge yourself to get a higher score.
- Post scores online and earn achievements with Game Center
- Play VS. a friend locally in Splitscreen or Bluetooth modes
- Play VS. a friend or random match through Game Center
- Use your Camera or Photo Library to make your own battleground!


I encourage any and all feedback on the game. It is my ongoing commitment to make Pixel Fighters one of the best Score Oriented Mini-RPGs for iPhone. Let me know what you love/hate and want to see more of, I am listening!

Facebook: http://bit.ly/ebjOd2
Twitter: @pixelfightersgm
Website Forum: http://pixelfightersgame.com/
Pixel Fighters版本2.10中的新功能
- Pixel Fighters: Prologue (lite) has been added to the App Store. Let your shy friends know!

- Bluetooth VS. games can be played between the regular and lite versions of the game

- updated the game to bring both versions in line. Fixed small bugs
Pixel Fighters
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Pixel Fighters
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