Infinity Field HD

Infinity Field HD

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无限领域-Infinity Field HD,一款几何图形射击类游戏 非常常见的双虚拟摇杆操作,在同一时间有大批的敌人向你涌来,你要不停的射击才能保住自己的小命,有不同武器可以选择!使用激光、炸弹等特殊武器尽情的消灭敌人吧,游戏和一款叫几何战争的游戏比较相似,相信你一定会喜欢。
Infinity Field HD内容摘要
Destroy countless enemies in this addictive and visually stunning dual stick space-age shooter.

Infinity Field now available for iPhone/iPod touch


"Infinity Field is a blasting success of a dual-stick shooter" - Gwen Phua, iPadModo

"Creative new modes and a great set of features make it [Infinity Field] a superior twin-stick shooter" 8/10 —Tracy Erickson, PocketGamer

"A classic that shouldn’t be missed by old-schoolers who love pure, classic, unadulterated arcade blastin’." 5/5 stars — GamePro

"This is one of the best dual-stick shooters for the iPad, and is definitely worth a look if you need a good action game on your iPad." 4.5/5 stars — 148Apps

"If you’ve been sinking hours and hours into dual-stick shooters like Minigore or Geometry Wars, this will be your jam, easily. Check it out." — TouchArcade

"The line connecting Infinity Field to Geometry Wars: Touch is clear, yet there's no doubt that this is the superior game in terms of features, modes, and overall quality." — Pocket Gamer

"A wide range of endless modes, beautiful production values, and multiplayer make this the Geometry Wars clone to beat." 4/4 Must Have — SlideToPlay

"One of the best action games on the iPad." — Trevor Sheridan, AppAdvice

Use the intuitive and familiar dual stick controls to guide your craft through the field of enemies with one analogue stick while at the same time clearing a path with your blaster. Things start off simple but soon you will have to deal with countless enemies intent on colliding with your craft and turning you into an explosion of pixels!

The darkness of space never looked so bright, vibrant and colorful enemies of all shapes and sizes fill the screen and explode in a hail of bullets in glorious HD as you blast your way to a new high score!

Collect power-ups as you zip around the field turning your regular cannon into a myriad of ultra powerful weapons. Fire bullets in every direction, watch them ricochet off the walls and into your foes. Use lasers, bombs and special weapons to destroy the incoming craft!

There are six survival modes including – Zombie, Snake and Insane mode. Infinity Field also features a full campaign mode with hugely challenging bosses, as well as a fun, competitive multiplayer option.

Infinity Field is fully integrated with Crystal and there are tons of achievements to be collected. Go head to head with your friends and compete for the highest score out there!
Infinity Field HD版本2.2中的新功能
- Updated Joypad SDK to latest version. Now Infinty Field is 100% compatible with Joypad.

- iOS 6 fixes.
Infinity Field HD
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Infinity Field HD
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