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Curlington HD

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Curlington HD内容摘要
Fluid realtime controls, fun arcade action and advanced simulation... ENJOY!

New & Noteworthy & What´s Hot in United States and Canada (and other countries). Average rating 4.5 stars in the US App Store.

"As long as you have an iPad or iPhone this game will be there for you!"
- Rating: 9 out of 10 by

"They have managed to do the unthinkable: they actually made curling cool."
- Smokin Apps Review: 4/5 stars

"Who knew that curling could be so much fun!"
- PadGadget

Join the Top Secret Curling Academy! Play in the hidden mountain facility and master the game of Top Secret Curling! Use gadgets, Special stones and the interior to your advantage! Standard curling rules with a completely new gameplay! Optionally you can also relax with a game of normal curling...

There are two sheet lengths, one short sheet for practicing and that is easier to master for kids. On this sheet it's also quicker to round a game with many players. The second sheet is full-length and takes some skill to master.

Psst! Here is a secret tip that will give you a sharp advantage: Use the Energy meter correctly by keeping the energy level up at the round target-marking when you release the stone on the line! Not before the line, you must continue to give the stone energy all the way to the release-line on the sheet!

✓ Extremely fine tuned and super smooth controls...
✓ Detailed HD Graphics with a steady 30 frames per second
✓ You get a sense of the curling stone weight!
✓ GameCenter support - Leaderboards (4) and Achievements (12)
✓ Achievements are stored locally when offline and uploaded next time online
✓ Full length curling sheet on the runway
✓ Option to turn off the "arcade" gameplay for normal curling
✓ Levels are now streamed for faster loading
✓ Multitouch for extra power is now just as precise as using single touch
✓ New and updated instructions and rules / game information
✓ Smarter AI (iPad player) with easy or medium settings
✓ Choose number of rounds to play showing approx. durations based on player count and stones per round. Perfect game-speed / duration control
✓ Options for graphics and physics settings (lock physics objects)
✓ Game Pause
✓ Realtime statistics while in-game for various data
✓ Swiping on takeouts (two fingers for opponent stone, and still swipe with one for getting own stone closer to target)
✓ Slow down the Stone by swiping downwards pushing ice debris in front of it
✓ Special Agent Light Sensitive Binoculars on runway rink
✓ Position stone sideways, slide to add force and direction
✓ Sweeping affects the friction for longer glides and less curl
✓ Faster sweeping gives more effect and lighter sweeping for more finesse
✓ After stone is released, sliding sideways adds rotation to stone and increases curl when stone speed slows down
✓ Earn and collect bonus point and use them in the equipment store
✓ Shoot bonus targets
✓ Stones are breakable
✓ Use two or three fingers for more power
✓ Bonus-game inside cargo aircraft
✓ Anti-gravity stone
✓ Explosive stone
✓ A lovely stone
✓ Castle Guard stone
✓ 1-4 Players
✓ AI Player
✓ Training modus
✓ Game saves automatically when you leave app, multitasking (fast-app switching) is supported


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Curlington HD版本1.2.1中的新功能
• iPad 2 support
• Updated Icon graphics
• Fix for freeze in aircraft training
• Fixes for several minor issues
Curlington HD
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