Flickr图像工作室- Flickr Studio

Flickr图像工作室- Flickr Studio

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Flickr Studio 被称为 ipad 上的终极 Flickr 应用,入选今年2月份苹果员工最爱,五星好评,为你提供完美的 Flickr 平台交互体验。
Flickr图像工作室- Flickr Studio内容摘要
~ Apple Staff Favorite! - February 2012
~ "The Ultimate Flickr App for iPad" - Terry White /
~ "[Flickr Studio] offers perfect interface for interacting with Flickr on an iPad" -
~ Featured in Glenn Fleishman's book: "Five Star Apps" -

Flickr Studio brings all the goodness from photo site to your Apple iPad - in one beautifully designed app, designed exclusively for the iPad platform!

All your Flickr photos and videos, one smart app. With Flickr studio you can instantly browse your stream, sets, collections, groups, tags or find any photo with the powerful search!

But Flickr Studio is not just YOUR full photo collection. Use it to view photos from your contacts, or any Flickr user for that matter - Even the Flickr community in general. Billions of photos, that's a lot to explore!

The world is a big place and with Flickr Studio you can visit every square mile of it. Move around on the world map, pinch, zoom, and instantly find photos for that area, from the millions of geo-tagged photos on Flickr.

Download photos to your iPad's photo library, add to your Flickr favorites, place a comment, examine EXIF data. Share photos via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and any other sharing service.

Flickr Studio includes a full-featured photo uploader. Queue photos for upload, straight from your iPad! Edit titles, tags and sets before uploading. Smart resizing let's you choose at what resolution to upload photos, saving you time and bandwidth.

Enter batch editor. Select a few or hundreds of photos via the powerful selection tools, then edit properties to all of them at once! Change tags, add to sets, post to groups, or delete photos.

Flickr Studio includes full blown image editing: Get creative with effects and filters, cropping, levels, colors, sharpness and more!

There's even a map-based geo-tagger for ultra-fast geo-tagging of your pics.

With Flickr Studio you can enjoy all those things that make Flickr your favorite photo site, in a highly intelligent touchscreen interface. Some of the killer features:

+ Browse photos, videos, sets, collections, groups and tags on Flickr.
+ Display photos in list, grid, map or slideshow view.
+ Swipe through photos and instantly view photo info like title, location, description, comments and more.
+ Full screen browsing mode
+ Using every pixel of your retina screen by using the new Flickr image formats (when available)
+ View photo original sizes (XL)
+ Full video support
+ Upload photos directly from your iPad (with on-the-fly resizing for speedier uploads)
+ Quick edit and quick delete
+ Batch editing of photos (tags, sets, access)
+ Batch download your photos to your iPad in any size you specify.
+ Fast geo tagging of many photos
+ Digital photo frame - display photos from your stream, contacts, favorites or explore. Any set of results can be turned into a slideshow.
+ List your contacts and glance at everyone's latest uploads.
+ Find any Flickr user by user name or e-mail address.
+ Explore the daily interesting 500 and get inspired. Check out the "hot tags". Glance at recent uploads in "now". Browse the commons (hidden treasures in the world's public photography archives)!
+ "World" : Move and zoom around on a world map, automatically showing Flickr content for any geographic location!

Check out the Flickr Studio website:

Please contact us if you have any questions about this app: or via

Flickr is a trademark of Yahoo! - Yahoo! Inc does not endorse nor sponsor this application and we are in no way affiliated with Yahoo! Inc.
Flickr图像工作室- Flickr Studio版本398中的新功能
Hot on the heels of our previous update, which fixed the most important part of Flickr Studio (connecting to your actual Flickr account, duh), we are now following up with a small update which fixes some issues regarding the latest iOS update:

- Fixed the main screen menu buttons not working for iOS5.x users
- Bug fixes in the justified grid view where portrait photos and panorma photos would sometimes look silly
- Fixed video playback
- Changed some labels regarding photo rights (friends, family, etc)
- Tweaked the homescreen menu design and font for added legibility
- Generated guestpasses were requiring a sign in (which kind of defeats the purpose of guest passes), we fixed this by adapting to Flickrs new guestpass format.
- Fixed webviews, these were causing a crash for some users
- Fixed several crashes, like when opening a photo description
- Speaking of descriptions, we removed linefeeds from the dezcription button

If you stumble upon any news bugs or are missing some feature, do not hesitate to contact us via

Thanks for using Flickr Studio!
Flickr图像工作室- Flickr Studio
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Flickr图像工作室- Flickr Studio
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