Doodle Calc

Doodle Calc

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Doodle Calc内容摘要
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The fun and easy calculator and problem solver!
Featuring a basic-function calculator, plus extra problem-solving screens for determining area, volume, percent, and more!

Perfect for hobbyists, crafters, students, and anyone who needs a little help applying math to everyday tasks.

Quickly and easily find out how much flooring to buy for your home-improvement project, how much fencing you need for your back yard, what volume of liquid fills many shapes of containers, or what something will cost after applying a discount.

Learn while you calculate! We show you the formulas we use for problem solving. Easy-to-follow diagrams show you which measurements you need for calculating area, volume, and perimeter.

If you have a common, everyday math problem, Doodle Calc puts the solution at your fingertips!
Doodle Calc版本1.1中的新功能
iOS 4.2 tested
Minor bug fixes
Doodle Calc
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