Chop Chop Tennis

Chop Chop Tennis

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一款独特的动作网球游戏,沿袭了Chop Chop系列优异的操作,只需要手指清扫屏幕,即可完成挥拍。游戏的画风非常可爱,共设8个时尚卡通人物,4个难度模式,支持wifi和蓝牙联机对战。
Chop Chop Tennis内容摘要

Over 2.5 million downloads!
#1 downloaded sports game in over 40 countries!
Also available in HD

"This is hands down the best tennis game on the App Store, so pick it up." - GamePro
"The gameplay is beautifully simple" - The Appera
“We had a pretty good time with the game” – Slide to Play

Chop Chop Tennis is a unique action tennis game. Chop Chop Tennis is certainly the most
frantic, intuitive and enjoyable tennis game ever created for your iDevice!

Play as one of the 8 original characters and enhance your experience with the Ultimate Pack
available in the Chop Chop Shop. 10 new characters, 5 new tennis courts!

Are you up to the challenge?

*Innovative gameplay
*Easy to play
*Online Multiplayer using Gamecenter
*Colorful & cartoonish graphics
*Lots of characters/stadiums
*Play exhibition or tournament games, in single or doubles!

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Chop Chop Tennis™ is a trademark from Gamerizon Studios Inc.
Chop Chop Tennis版本1.9.2中的新功能
We squashed a serious bug with the In-App Purchases. Thanks to our fans for helping us find it!
Chop Chop Tennis
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