Chop Chop Runner

Chop Chop Runner

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Chop Chop Ninja的姐妹篇Chop Chop Runner因为广受喜爱再度限免!游戏独创一键操控模式,只需一只手指,便可以实现奔跑,跳跃,攻击等动作,十分灵活。游戏节奏感极强,易于上手,还包含了12个成就,等待玩家解锁。游戏限免一天,喜爱chopchop系列的你千万不要错过哦!
Chop Chop Runner内容摘要
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Over 2 million downloads!
#1 downloaded action game in over 40 countries!
Chop Chop Ninja will have its own TV animated series in 2013!
Also available in HD

“Spectacular” –Pocket Gamer
“Original ideas, innovative controls and plenty of characters that is impossible not to like” -Slide to Play
“A fantastic game!” –AverageApper

The world needs a hero! The Emperor’s daughter is in danger and she needs your help! Run as fast as possible, fight off hordes of enemies and avoid all the obstacles in your way! Nothing will stand between you and the princess!

*A fast and frantic platformer
*A tiny yet powerful character
*Addictive and simple 1-button gameplay
*Colorful and cartoonish

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Chop Chop Runner版本1.7中的新功能
- General bug fixing
- Supporting all the latest high-tech gadgetry (iPhone 5 resolution!)
- Window cleaning (new icon!)
- Getting the game ready for the winter!
Chop Chop Runner
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