Clock Pet

Clock Pet

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Clock Pet内容摘要
Don't you think the clock from your iPhone is missing something?

'Clock Pet' is the application that has clock, alarm and RSS features with the cutest characters, 'Pentori, Panjira, Neuse and Bumori'.

Those cutest characters let you know the time and the date whenever or wherever you want!

The characters react to the sounds around your iPhone.
If you talk or touch to them, they will show you some cute gestures!

There will be updated news provided upon the characters if you register with RSS.

'Clock Pet' provides you 5 different alarm sounds, but you can also use the songs from your Library as an alarm sound!
Those cutest characters will blow off stresses from your consecutive life!

+ Main Features
- 4 cute characters
- Time, Date and Weather information
- Alarm
- 5 different alarm sounds
- Set the songs from Library as an alarm sound
- Able to register with 20 different RSS
- Sound cognition
Clock Pet版本2.3中的新功能
- Bug fixes
Clock Pet
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Clock Pet
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