Super Laser: The Alien Fighter


版本:1.51 | 74.6 MB


开发商: EpicForce Entertainment Ltd.

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固件要求:与 iPhone、iPod touch、iPad 兼容。 需要 iOS 4.3 或更高版本

  • 小编评语
    一款飞行射击游戏,2036年的地球因为资源枯竭和全球气候变暖的缘故,使得世界人口锐减至1.5亿。而就在这个时候,某种可以融合机械进行进化的外星种族,开始了对地球的入侵——因为这样环境下的地球很适合他们居住。为了阻止外星种族把地球变成他们呢的第二个故乡,地球联合军派出了集合了人类剩下的全部资源所研制的最强战机,并装备上了最强的武器Super Laser,去消灭外星入侵种族吧!
  • 内容摘要
    "A worthy addition to anyone's shoot'em-up collection, regardless of whether you're a new-comer or a veteran to the genre." - Andrew Nesvadba, appspy.com (5/5)

    "Quite possibly my favorite scrolling shooter so far!" - Eric Pankoke, iphonelife.com (9/10)

    "Super Laser is worth every dollar and I’d recommend it to everyone, be new to the genre or a veteran at it." - touchaholics.com (4/5)

    Are you a Top Gun at Flight Shooter Games? Super Laser takes you back to your childhood where games like Raiden and 1942 left you with blisters on your thumbs and an empty wallet.

    Super Laser is guaranteed to please, it's so good that on Day 1 of Release it has been "Featured by Apple as New and Noteworthy".

    "In Year 2036, the Earth's population has reduced to only 1.5 billions due to resources shortage and global climate warming. The bizarre climate is somehow suitable for the aliens to move in. These aliens can attach to any organizm or machinery to evolve into new forms of life. The Earth has unfortunately become their second home. The human beings must act fast to destroy the aliens before they conquer the whole world. The Earth Alliance secretly sends a fighter equipped with the ultimate and most advanced weapon, called "Super Laser", to the aliens' stronghold..."

    Imagine hordes of alien enemies rushing towards you, then imagine turning them into space dust at the flick of your finger! You're flying a futuristic space ship capable of blowing nasty aliens into smithereens, use that power and be the hero that saves the world!

    What's it got:
    - Explosions so big that you'll nearly feel the heat on your face!
    - Laser effects, superb animations and graphics that will make your eyes pop out of your head!
    - Remember standing around the arcade with your friends, sinking quarters into Raiden, 1942? Now you can get all that and more right in the palm of your hand.
    - 6 levels of dodging, crushing and incinerating hordes of alien scum and the grand finale, a battle royale with a boss so tough he might as well reach out of your iPhone and punch you in the face!
    Mind blowing weapons, lasers and missiles that go boom!
    - 3 difficulty levels will sort the riff from the raff.
    - 3 different control methods to suit all hero's.
    - Developed by the team that brought you the chart topping, smash hit game "iFighter".


  • 版本中的新功能
    - minor bug fixes.


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