Virus Laboratory

Virus Laboratory

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消除游戏用来消遣是最适合不过了,这款消除类游戏画面很精美,操作和音效上的品质都非常高。它是大家都很熟悉的Tappi Bear(小熊)开发者旗下的唯一一款“非熊类”的作品哦,限免中,精彩不容错过!
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Virus Laboratory is an exciting block breaking game.
Your aim is to remove the viruses when they are close to other same color viruses,
and don't let the viruses overflow the board.
Killed viruses will be stored up in store room,
and you can convert them to different medicines!

The game gives 3 game modes
★ Arcade Mode
Pick your favorite viruses & medicines and start killing.

★ Puzzle Mode
40 puzzle stages available.
Finish all stages to unlock extra viruses and items.

★ Endless Mode
Quick start and beat your high score with limited medicines.

★ Game Center
Support Leadboards & 25 unlockable Achievements

Tips for beat record
- remove more viruses together in one click
- quickly remove viruses to get combo bonus
- support multi-touch
- use your medicines carefully when you are in danger
Virus Laboratory版本1.5.0中的新功能
Bug fix and improvement.
Virus Laboratory
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Virus Laboratory
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