Snow Moto Racing

Snow Moto Racing

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极限雪地赛-Snow Moto Racing,一款雪地赛车游戏,游戏包含六条赛道,支持特技动作和对手难度智能调整,还有隐藏的增强游戏模式以及最多4人的 WiFi 联机功能。是一款不错的赛车游戏。
Snow Moto Racing内容摘要
Dohi Entertainment are proud to present Snow Moto Racing, the first snowmobile racing game on the iPhone/iPod Touch platform.

Experience the thrill of high-speed snowmobile racing while carving your path through beautiful winter landscapes.

Perform stunts to trigger speed boosts that will give you the edge when racing against your opponents.

Challenge your friends and race head-to-head for glory in the new multiplayer mode with up to 4 players.

Key Features:

- 28 Unique Race Tracks

- Easy-To-Use and responsive controls

- Dynamic Opponent Difficulty

- Local Multiplayer via WiFi or Bluetooth

- 16 Achievements to unlock

- Hidden Bonus Game Mode

- Download directly to iPhone via 3G

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Snow Moto Racing版本3.1中的新功能
- Proper iPhone 5 support.
Snow Moto Racing
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Snow Moto Racing
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