Touch Ski 3D - Presented by The Ski Channel

Touch Ski 3D - Presented by The Ski Channel

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Touch Ski 3D - Presented by The Ski Channel内容摘要
* Watch the gameplay video at *
* Top-25 App, featured around the world by Apple! *

* Like it? Upgrade to TOUCH SKI 3D FULL to get 42 massive courses, 7 game modes, and lots, LOTS more! *

Prepare yourself for the revolutionary, enthralling, and highly anticipated Touch Ski 3D, presented by The Ski Channel. Featuring stunning 3D environments, the ultra-realistic Bullet Physics Engine, worldwide online high scores, brand name skis, and the most innovative touch controls you've ever seen, Touch Ski 3D is the pinnacle of iPhone gaming. Stay current with live ski news and streaming video content from The Ski Channel, all without ever leaving the app.

"I actually found it hard to put the game down in order to write this post (just one more run down the slopes...)"
- Blake Patterson,

"One of the best looking games I've played on the iPhone"
- Brett Kelly,

"Touch Ski 3D is another one of those games ready to crown the iPhone as one of the most innovative gaming platforms ever created."

Check out the gameplay video at, and keep an eye out for the Touch Ski 3D trailer on The Ski Channel television network.

FOUR Freestyle Trick Parks
SIXTEEN Race Courses
SIXTEEN Slalom Courses
FOUR Tight Slalom Courses
Distance Ski Jump
Freestyle Trick Ski Jump
Ski School Training Mode
Online and Personal High Scores
Live Ski News from The Ski Channel
Real Skis by K2, Salomon, Head, Atomic, and Armada
Streaming video content from The Ski Channel
Bullet Physics Engine
Four Difficulty Levels
Touch Ski 3D - Presented by The Ski Channel版本4.3中的新功能
- Fixed a rare bug with high scores
Touch Ski 3D - Presented by The Ski Channel
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